Chicken Chunks in Veggies Hainanese Style





2016-03-21 01.28.09
  • 2 cans of 180g Sexy Chix™ chicken chunks, Hainanese Variant

  • 5 tablespoon of sesame oil

  • 6 pieces garlic, chopped

  • 1 piece medium-size white onion, sliced

  • 1 piece medium-size carrot, diced

  • 11 pieces of baguio beans, sliced diagonally

  • 1 piece medium-size potato, diced

  • 2 tablespoon of Magnolia Dari Creme Classic

  • 1 hard boiled egg

  • 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds

  •  teaspoon of ground pepper

  •  teaspoon of salt

Cooking Directions:

In a pan, heat sesame oil and stir fry the potatoes and carrots until tender.
on the same pan, sauté garlic until slightly brown and add the white onion until it becomes translucent. add the baguio beans and season with ground pepper and iodized salt to taste. add 2 tablespoon of magnolia dari cream classic and continue to sauté baguio beans until it’s color turns bright green. add the 2 cans of 180g SEXY CHIX™, CHICKEN CHUNKS HAINANESE and pour the marinade. do not stir. let it simmer for 2-4 minutes and it’s cooked. remove from the pan and carefully scatter the veggies and chicken chunks, then top with sliced hard boiled egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds. best serve with rice. makes 4 to 6 servings.

What I Like About the SMPC Product Is, It Helped Me Reach My Goal For A Healthy Eating Habit!

summertime, home foodies! here’s the recipe that your family will surely love! stay active and healthy this summer! i chose to highlight my favorite veggies using the purefoods®’s sexy chix™ chicken chunks, hainanese style! a ginger- infused flavor. a variant of sexy chix that can be eated straightly from the can or just heat it up and serve! as a home foodie, i explore a lot of dishes and experiments on how can i make the food more delicious and how can i enjoy a guilt free dishes. so, i discovered that this sexy chix chicken chunks can be perfectly matched with different kinds of vegetables! sexy chix chicken chunks and it comes from 4 variants ( in guiltless broth, adobo, hainanese and arrabiata) i chose the hainanese because it has a savory taste of a ginger. i love chicken so much! it is everybodys favorite! this chicken chunks hainanese amazed me so much from the time that i opened the can, the smell of the sexy chix chicken chunks is so yummy, actually made me hungry! and made me more excited to use it for my chosen kinds of veggies! even when my dish is already cooked, the smell of the chicken chunks remain! what more for the taste! my two boys are my food buddies but they’re not that kind of veggetable lover, unlike me. i love eating vegetables!! surprisingly, my husband and my eldest son loved the dish that i’ve cooked! i am so proud of myself! thanks to PUREFOODS SEXY CHICKS CHICKEN CHUNKS! the dish itself, the aroma of it convinced them to eat! haha we eat together and i didn’t expect that they enjoyed eating my hainanese style with vegetables! i am encouraging all the homefoodies out there, especially moms with a very choosy kids when it comes to food with vegetables, that you can cook special dishes which is masarap, masustansya at kayang-kaya! you can cook my own recipe as easy as one, two, three! super easy steps and ingredients that you can cook without hussle! enjoy with your whole family! HAPPY EATING!


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